Catamaran Charter - Rent - catamaran Vacations - Holidays - ofFshore  Sailing - catamaran Training on Tenerife + Sardinia + Croatia.

      Our Lagoon 42 catamaran can be booked for charter in Sardinia over Summer and in Wintertime on Tenerife - Canary Islands. You can rent our catamarans directly on this home page (see charter).

      Or book one of our 4 week catamaran offshore Sailing Trips in Autumn from Sardinia to Tenerife and retour trip in Spring back to Sardinia. These blue water sailing cruises are highly interesting for fellow sailors, experienced sailors, as well as nautical mile collectors. You learn all catamaran sailing and maneuvering features of the Lagoon 42 JANNY. 

      While planning your own first catamaran charter, it would be wise to obtain some catamaran practice experience. We recommend booking one of our 40 x catamaran docking trainings - harbor maneuver training - catamaran maneuvers - catamaran skipper training (Sardinia in Summer + Tenerife in Winter).

      Catamaran sailing holidays in Sardinia are a great experience, at 25 to 35 degrees. Book our personal family catamaran including your friends (max.8 persons). Prise includes Skipper.

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Most of our customer base ist generally from Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Most of the time well educated guests, speaking perfectly English. Our crew members are multi-language. 

Shedules and Prices we refere to the german pages

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Catamaran training - Skipper training - catamaran docking and maneuver training, harbor training, with both engines and sailing practice
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Catamaran training - Harbor docking maneuvers- skipper training in therie and price excerises

Catamaran docking maneuver training

From December up to 18th of March, we are on Tenerife - Canary Islands.

There we organised more than 20 weeks of Catamaran docking aund maneuver trainings. We start in the Marina Saint Miguel de Abone - only 4 km away from airport Tenerife South. From 15th of April till end of October, we train in Cagliari - Sardinia.    

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Charter Tenerife and Croatia: Enjoy the sun and water
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Yachtcharter Croatia or in winter charter Tenerife: chater base SCT Marina Trogir, Central located - 10 minutes with taxi from Airport Split

Charter + Holidays   Tenerife - Sardinia

From Middle April till End of October we offer catamaran charter in Sardinia and in Winter on Tenerife.

Our City Marina Cagliari is 10 Taxi minutes  from Airport Cagliari. Book you charter holiday online in menu CHARTER. 

Marina San Miguel on Tenerife is also 10 Taxi minutes from Airport Tenerife South. Or organise your own Sailing Holiday including private Skipper. Enjoy visiting Tenerife and La Gomera. In Sommer we explore Sardinia.

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Offshore sailing through Medetiranien and Atlantic: Catamaran sailing practice, planning, navigation, night shifts and more

Offshore sailing  Sardinia - Tenerife

From End of Ocober till early  November we sail from Sardinia through the Mediteranien - Atlantik to Tenerife. Crew changes in Cagliari - Sardinia, Mallorca, Gibraltar and Madeira. In Spring we sail back to Sardinia. Demanding offshore ocean sailing for nature and sailing enthusiasts. If weather and schedule permit, catamaran training is given. Sea miles collectors get a nice nautical miles confirmation.

More detailed impressions videos of the new catamaran Lagoon 42 Janny - catamaran charter Sardinia, catamaran charter Canary - Tenerife and catamaran sailing holidays - Tenerife + Sardinia. Rent your catamaran with us. Offshore sailing Mediterranean and Atlanic crossings.Catamaran training / Harbor maneuver training / catamaran maneuver training / Skipper training. See the respective chapters. Participants in all sailing - catamaran training - sailing trips receive a nautical certificate / nautical sea miles confirmation. Collecting nautical miles becomes a fun expercience.

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Catamaran Lagoon 42 Janny charter including 4,3 Meter Tender. Here at the beautiful restaurant promenade of Primosten (approx. 20 sm from Trogir/Split).


All above sailing offers are carried out on our brand new Lagoon 42 catamaran. A top equipped 42 ft. Lagoon 42 catamaran with 2 x 57 hp Yanmar engines. Our B & G 12 "navigation monitor with Wi-Fi connectivity to wind and speed gauges, autopilots and the latest 4G radar system. The information from helm stand navigation monitor is mirrored on tablet at the navigation table.

4 king size beds with individual toilets. 1 x refrigerator and freezer in the salon and one additional in cockpit area. Top safety equipment. 4.3m tender with 20 hp engine, to obtain 8 + 1 persons.

For the catamaran training and offshore sailing cruises, our Lagoon 42 has 2 additional sails. One  69 m² Code-Zero genoa for down and half winds, plus parasail 126 m² spinach for pre- and half-winds. 

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Our catamaran Lagoon 42 with the standard sails
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Our catamaran Lagoon 42 - for charter, rent, offshore sailing and maneuver training with 126 m² Wingaker - Parasail. Aditional 69 m² Code Zero Roll Genua on board


  • Katamarantraum offers Lagoon 42 catamarans a comprehensive rental offer from charter Sardinia, charter Tenerife.
  • Catamaran training / skipper training / catamaran harbor maneuver training programs.
  • Organize your Canary Islands or Croatia catamaran sailing vacation, for our family or friends.
  • Our ocean and Mediterranean offshore sailing tours improve your sailing skills and ads new experience. And give nautical miles for sailing license applicants including nautical mile confirmation / plenty of catamaran sailing practice.
  • Book here online your charter, holiday, offshore sailing and trainings. In the menu charter, holiday, offshore sailing and catamaran training press the button booking request and enter your personal data. 

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