Catamaran Yacht Charter - Rent - Rental on Tenerife or Sardinia. Your Yachtcharter Catamaran Lagoon 42

Catamaran Yacht Charter Cagliari - Sardinia

Book now your Summer 2023 Catamaran Charter Sardinia. Catamaran Lagoon 42 JANNY starts from Cagliari - Sardinia. The City Marina is just 10 minutes taxi drive from Airport Cagliari - Sardinia. 

Rent your Catamaran Lagoon 42 on Tenerife this Winter

Every year, Our Lagoon 42 JANNY is Sailing in Autumn from Trogir to Tenerife. Till 18th of March or Middle of November 2023 our Sail Revier are the Canar Islands Tenerife, La Gomera, Gran Canaria and La Palma. Fly None-stopp to Tenerife South and drive in a quarter of an hour to Marina Saint Miguel de Abona. 

Or Book your privat Skipper and learn maneuver your Catamaran

Charter your Catamaran including Skipper: Your Captain can teach you how to dock and maneuver the Catamaran Lagoon 42. Part of the Basic Training is Catamaran Sailing, Anchoring etc. Enjoy your personal Catamatan Training. 


SAINT MIGUEL - TENERIFe aND San Sebastian - La Gomera  catamaran CHARTER 

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Camera drone picture of San Sebastian - La Gomera. You simply walk via zebra crrossing from Marina to city centre San Sebastian

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Skipper Jos on the promenade of San Sebastain - La Gomera. Where a beautiful mosaic shows the journey of Christopher Columbus.
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Just 400 meters from Marina La Gomera, bistro in the shade, with great Wi-Fi and small lovely dishes for Lunch or Dinner.


  •  Katamarantraum (Catamaran Dream) offers the complete range of Charter Sardinia, Charter Tenerife. 
  • On the Canary Islands you can book your Lagoon 42 - JANNY, and ask for your personal catamaran docking maneuver training. Experience and learn how to sail catamarans in practice.
  • Booking your charter online is easy. In the categories Charter, Holiday, Offshore Sailing and Catamaran Training, click on the button "Request booking" and enter your data.






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